Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Stanton’s Jukebox FAQ

What you can do in Stanton’s Jukebox

  • Research your music purchases by building a playlist.

  • Arrange your concert program by listening to full-length pieces in order, then rearranging as needed to allow for variety in tempi and styles.

  • Build specific playlists for each of your different ensembles to assist you with your rehearsal planning and score study.

  • Generate a personalized URL for each playlist that can be emailed to your ensemble to enhance at-home practice – you can even add custom rehearsal notes to appear with each playlist!

  • Design separate playlists for different genres or eras of music for your Music History or Music Appreciation students to use during class or with homework.

  • Create a list of your own favorite works for your personal listening pleasure in your home or office, and let it inspire you to continue strengthening your ensembles!


How to Create a Playlist:

First, make sure you are logged in with your account.

Select a title by clicking on it. The title will appear in the player in the Jukebox.

To add it to a playlist, click the “Add to Playlist” button in the Now Playing window – if this is your first playlist, you will be prompted to give it a name. Your new playlist will appear under “My Jukebox Playlists” on the left side of the player.


Can I add multiple titles to a playlist?


Now that you have a playlist created, you’ll have the option to either add it to this previously created playlist or name a new one. Click on another title, and when the title appears in the player in the Jukebox click “Add to Playlist.”


Can I create multiple playlists?


To create a new playlist, choose another title. Click “Add to Playlist” and name your new playlist – your new playlist will appear under “My Jukebox Playlists.”

You can also simply select the + button under “My Jukebox Playlists” and start a new list from scratch! Remember, you must be signed into your account in order create playlists. You can edit the name of each playlist, re-order your playlists for ease of use, or re-order individual titles within each playlist. Use the red X button to remove a selected title from a playlist, or to delete an entire playlist at once.


How do I create a “Customized URL”?

Creating a customized web address for your playlist is a great way to enhance your students’ at-home practice by easily providing them with recordings of the titles they are learning!


Scroll down to the bottom of the player and click “Customize Playlist URL.” Select the playlist you wish to share and customize your URL. You can also add rehearsal notes or comments for your students. Click “Make” and you will see your new customized URL. We recommend that you email this URL to yourself first, and then forward it to the members of your ensemble.


How do I delete items in a playlist?

Select the item in your playlist that you want to delete. Click the red X button on the upper right hand side of the player below “Titles and Playlists.”


How do I delete a playlist?

Select the playlist you want to delete on the left hand side of the player. Click the red X button under “My Jukebox Playlists.”


How do I rename a playlist?

Select the playlist on the left side that you wish to rename. Click the “Edit” button to the right of the + button under “My Jukebox Playlists.”


Sort your Playlists

Select the playlist that you want to move and use the up and down arrow buttons on the left side under “My Jukebox Playlists” to move it to your desired position.


Sort titles in the Playlists.

Select the title that you want to move and use the up and down arrow buttons on the right side under “Titles in Playlist” to move it to your desired position.