Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Build Rehearsal Playlists!
  • Add titles throughout the Stanton's websites that have sound recordings to the list.
  • Personalize your lists - then email them to your students or ensemble members to enhance in-home practice.

Research your music purchases by building a playlist.


Arrange your concert program by listening to full-length pieces in order, then rearranging as needed to allow for variety in tempi and styles.


Create a list of your own favorite works for your personal listening pleasure in your home or office, and let it inspire you to continue strengthening your ensembles!


Build specific playlists for each of your different ensembles to assist you with your rehearsal planning and score study.

Embed Sound

Generate a personalized URL for each playlist that can be emailed to your ensemble to enhance at-home practice – you can even add custom rehearsal notes to appear with each playlist!

How to Create your first Playlist:

  • Select a title on the Stantons website that has a soundfile.
  • Click in the "Add to Jukebox" icon located under product image.
  • You can follow the title into your new jukebox playlist or continue shopping.

Important - in order for the website to save your 1st jukebox for future use, you will need to be a member of the website, Click here to become a member.

Click here to browse the website.

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